Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ball Winder? I barely know her!

Currently listening: Jimmy Eat World-23, Kill
Currently watching: Blades of Glory
Currently reading: My physics and chem textbooks
Currently knitting: yup. still on the needle holder.

I thought it would be a really great idea to try and wind yarn without a swift

Oh, making some progress...

A little less progress...

...I've made a huge mistake.

I have breaking news: attempting to use a ball winder without a swift is a very. bad. idea. I have no idea what I was thinking. I do, I was thinking about how exciting winding a ball must be. And it was, after I spent the following weekend night staying in, untangling my 375 yards of beautiful yarn. Que sera, sera.

So unfortunately, I have recently ascended to the co-director position of two organizations, as well as committed to being a legitimately good student again, so most of my time has been dedicated to activities other than knitting. Still working on the needle holder, Tanuj moved his hat from the common room to my desk, under the belief that I had forgotten about it, and his scarf is nowhere near finished. As I am performing in the Vagina Monologues this coming day of St. Valentine, I will be physically out of my room from 9am-Midnight every day of the week, and do not see much knitting in my immediate future.

My recent pet peeve: Dear Jerry Seinfeld, what's the deal with people not responding to e-mails??? It seems that the lack of response has only been to e-mails in which I ask the recipient a very important question. Maybe I should start writing my e-mails in poll form, with a yes and no box. Or maybe I need to just start showing up at people's doors. However, since I am sometimes too lazy to even heat up water for ramen, I do not see this in my immediate future either. If I send you an e-mail, and the bulk of the body is one question, and you do not return aforementioned e-mail, I will judge you as a person, and verbally bitch slap you the next time we meet.

My blog has recently been rated at "genius" reader level by some site RachieB found. You know what I say to this site? Well, I'm not surprised. But I am quite sleepy. On that note, I bid you buenas noches.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm Alive!

Currently listening: The Submarines, Album: Declare a New State
Currently Watching: The Office, Second Season
Currently Reading: "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller
Currently Knitting: Needle Holder, found in "Hollywood Knits" by Suss Cousins

The giant stuffed tiger Jeff got me for Christmas and me trying to knit while cuddling with it...his name is Nedward

Proof of my crazy finals period

Me writing my psych paper: that's 11 pages of notes spread over my desk, and my paper being written on the big screen.
"Mercy Hat" on Stout Cow :D


Mercy Hat on me!

So, I realized I haven't blogged in um ever. Not that anyone would really notice except Rachel. I had to wait until my crazy finals period was done, as you can see there was neither time nor room to knit. News in my knitting life: I finished my sweater. 7 skeins of stockinette stitch. Me oh my. It's a little short, and the arms don't allow for a whole lot of movement, but it's ok, it's my first sweater, so I don't judge...myself.

I knit this hat Rach gave me the pattern for called "Mercy" from Rowan Knits. I bought this beautiful yarn in the morning, and the hat was finished by the end of the day!!! I never really understood why Rachel liked circular needles so much, but I guess it was because I never had such a wide project that I needed laid out before. Dear everyone: circular needles are great for wide projects. Lesson learned.

I've decided that since I don't really knit exciting things/ that often/ know that much about knitting, I'm going to need to write about more than just knitting. Which will turn this into my Xanga. Whatevs. I am too tired to blog about my thoughts and life right now since I JUST finished finals at 11:00 am today, so I thought I'd just update on some projects and whatnot, and Stout cow. I INVENTED PHYSICS

Monday, January 7, 2008

Intros Everyone

My yarn bouquet from my wonderful boyfriend, from I highly suggest this yarn, it's gorgeous!
My kitty, Butter. One of two. He likes the paw prints.

My name is Sheli, and I am a knitaholic. I'd have to say the real reason I started this blog is due to my best friend Rachel, She is a much more skilled knitter than I, also I would say she is even more addicted, but I'm hoping to one day achieve her skills. I'd tell you all about myself, but suffice it to say I'm a junior in college, I like cats and knitting, and a variety of other things I'm sure will come out along the way. Unfortunately, since my school is intellectually challenged, we have finals right now, so there won't be much blogging for a few weeks, but fret not, there will be blogs to come.

I'm basically using this as a more public Ravelry (online knitting community), so feel free to share comments on projects, friend me if you're in the Boston area, patterns, books, etc!

Much love,